Effect of geography on population distribution

Population, distribution, growth and change

It is the ratio of the observed mean nearest neighbor distance in the pattern to that expected for a Poisson point process of the same intensity [20]. Population pyramids are used to show the structure of the population according to age and sex.

No longer was the movement primarily one of agricultural resettlement, and instead it became essentially a rural-to-urban movement of interregional magnitude. Likewise, extremely high temperature and aridity in the hot deserts of the world restrict human habitability.

Growth of population in Asia: Africa's population is estimated to reach two billion by Singapore Unstable countries tend to have lower population densities as people migrate e.

The population sizes at the national level for each dataset were projected forward to with rural and urban growth rates estimated by the UN Population Division [18]. They must learn geodesy and fairly advanced mathematics to understand how the shape of the Earth affects the distortion of map symbols projected onto a flat surface for viewing.


Human population census data, official population size estimates and corresponding administrative unit boundaries at the highest level available from the most recent available censuses were acquired for each African country.

Likewise, sun-facing slopes provide favourable locations for the emergence and growth of settlements. Population modelling was undertaken using census data at an administrative level lower than available — the same administrative level as used in the construction of GPW, GRUMP, LandScan and UNEP — and the accuracy of the resultant maps were tested with the higher level data.

A peasant rebellion in Sichuan in the s caused great loss of life there, and people from neighbouring Hubei and Shaanxi then entered Sichuan to fill the vacuum; this migration pattern continued until the 19th century.

Improving the accessibility of remote populations is an important priority for many of the Millennium Development Goal MDG targets, such as those focussed on eradicating extreme poverty, achieving universal primary education and developing a global partnership for development [4].

Tropical forests, savanna, tundra and taiga provide different media for human occupation and concentration.

Most of the growth will be in South Asia where population will leap from 1. In it reached 6 billion people. As a general rule the higher the life expectancy the more healthy or developed a country is.

Among the other aspects of relief features which affect human habitation are general topography, slope and aspect.

Population Distribution, Settlement Patterns and Accessibility across Africa in 2010

Further, the interplay between these determinants is generally very complex. In areas of high population density, the land is often flat and low lying which encourages settlement development.

Land like this is easier to build on and goods are easier to transport. In areas of low population density, the land is often rugged, steep and high above sea level.

It is, however, not to suggest that population distribution on the earth surface is determined by physical factors alone, for within the broad framework of physical attractions and constraints, cultural factors strongly influence the way mankind is distributed over the earth (Hornby and Jones, ).

Population distribution is perhaps one of the most vital factors that affect the re­source utilization of nations. The size, structure, and growth of population can make a substantial difference in how re­sources of nations are consumed, or exported. Population geography is a division of human geography.

It is the study of the ways in which spatial variations in the distribution, composition, migration, and growth of populations are related to the nature of places.

Population geography involves demography in a geographical perspective. Feb 21,  · Population distribution modelling.

Factors that Affects Population Distribution

The methods used here to model population distribution in Africa are adapted from previous work undertaken for East Africa –.The methods were modified for ease of replication and to facilitate the incorporation of new data. Population distribution. China’s complex natural conditions have produced an unevenly distributed population.

Population geography

Population density varies strikingly, with the greatest contrast occurring between the eastern half of China and the lands of the west and the northwest.

Effect of geography on population distribution
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